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Expert Tips for Writing Recommendation Letters for Students: SAMPLE, FORMAT & EXPERT GUIDELINES 

Every student that aims to study in the US needs an LOR for USA universities application. It is a mandatory requirement for admission at all study levels, ranging from bachelor to Masters and doctoral courses.

An LOR is a formal letter that is specifically addressed to an international university during an applicant’s application. It is an integral part of the admission process, it adds weightage to an eligible student’s candidature for admission. It should be rightly addressed and detailed, stating the student’s academic prowess and extracurricular qualities that make him or her  a qualified candidate.

You could be asked to submit two to three academic or professional LORs, determined by the school and your choice of program.

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Let’s dive into the LOR for the USA guide!


To increase your chance of getting a strong recommendation letter, there are certain things to put into consideration.

  1. Choosing the right recommender: Geting an excellent LOR for USA starts with selecting the right person to recommend you.  It is expedient for you to choose someone who knows about your academic achievements and your good qualities that they can mention in the LOR. Beyond being familiar with your qualities, they should know how to write a well crafted LOR for successful admission of the applicant.
  2. Check the University’s LOR Guidelines: Most top universities in the USA have specific requirements for LOR. Some desire to see your academic prowess, some require your work experience while some prefer both. Therefore, it is equally important to check the LOR guidelines of the school to which  you are applying.


The format of a letter of recommendation varies from one university to another university. However, most universities in the US accept LORs of 400-500 word count. The paragraphs can be 4 to 5, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.

We give you the format of LOR for MS accepted by most American universities below:

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  • Recommender’s introduction: This is the opening paragraph that introduces the recommender. It should contain the recommender’s name, designation, department, and the school he is recommending from. This paragraph also highlights the recommender’s relationship with the applicant. It should show how long the recommenders have known the applicant, the course the recommenders taught the applicant or the role they played in the applicant’s life.
  • Applicant’s Academic qualities: The next paragraph should highlight the academic accomplishments of the applicant. The applicant’s attitude to work and other academic skills must be discussed. This should be done with relevant examples.
  • Applicant’s Personal Traits: The next paragraph should depict relevant personal traits that make the applicant unique. The recommender is expected to share his/her observations of the traits in the applicant while they worked together.
  • Applicant’s Extracurricular activities: This is the last paragraph before the conclusion. It must list the extracurricular qualities of the applicant. It should also highlight the soft skills of the applicant like leadership, teamwork, hard work, resilient spirit and strong determination. The recommender should also cite examples or give observations.

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IBS CONSULT as an agency that helps students with excellent application to the US is presenting an LOR format to you. This will give you the understanding of the overall style, and to write in a way that ascertains your admission to the US University.

Kindly note that this sample of LOR is only for reference purposes, do not copy and paste in your application. Get an original LOR that is personal and relevant to the application. This helps to avoid any form of rejection or disappointments.

My name is XXX, and I am the Course Advisor in the department of XXX at the XXX university. It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Mr/Miss A as a promising candidate for your esteemed program in XXX. I have known A for 5 years, she was under my supervision for her final year project in 2000. She proved to be a valuable asset through her creative ideas, language abilities, good communication and interpersonal skills, throughout this period.

A was consistently the top scorer in her class from her first year till A graduated. A emerged as the best graduating student during the 2000/2001   academic session. She was not only industrious, she was super intelligent; she demonstrated unquenchable proclivities for logical reasoning and advancement   of   the   academic   world.

Based on personal observation, A is an ambitious person who loves to make a difference and leave indelible impressions in the heart of people. More so, A has a great character- easy-going, polite, generous, open to corrections, full of encouraging words and compassion for people around her, as well as prioritizing her integrity. A is passionate about solving problems, and can think deeply about how to take things forward, and also motivate others. 

Furthermore, A exhibited exceptional leadership qualities and team spirit when she was appointed the president of the students’ association. A initiated a language club to help younger one’s. A worked so hard on weekends to organize coaching classes for the students, and this still didn’t affect A’s academic excellence.  One of A’s strengths that I also believe will be valuable to the program is the ability to apply academic knowledge to professional contexts. 

I am sure A will bring laurels to your university too.  A’s soft skills combined with the academic grounding and practice skills A would get from your institution will lay a path for a promising career in XXX. I hope that her application will have your favorable consideration. For further clarifications on A’s academic credentials, kindly contact me. 


Yours sincerely,

Name of Recommender.


The concluding paragraph summarizes the applicant’s portfolio. The recommender is expected to strongly endorse the applicant’s candidature for admission to the US university.

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