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There are specific admission requirements for Ghanaians who desire to study in the USA.  We know that application can be a very intimidating subject for novices who want to migrate from Ghana to the USA through the study routes.

Are you eager to know all the documents you need to study in the US? If yes, keep reading. This article will give you detailed list of USA admission requirements for Ghanaians.

At CONSULTWITHIBS, we have guided many Ghanaians who seek admission into the US universities and colleges. If you also want to advance your educational career as a Ghanaian, this article will be helpful for you. Let us be your guide on the admission requirements you need as a Ghanaian to study in the USA.

Don’t forget we usually urge you to apply to universities that align with your academic interests ad career goals. This makes it easy to get the admission requirements ready for your application.

Read our full guide on how to study in the US here: How to study in USA for Ghanaians


It is expedient to meet the admission requirements as a Ghanaian who wants to study in the US. Undergraduate education is regarded as College in the US. Even though the admission into the college is competitive, you must know that the US education opportunities are also open to you as a Ghanaian.

To be at a great advantage in the admission process, you must demonstrate excellent academic potentials, English proficiency, and readiness to study in the US. Below are the detailed pieces of information on the admission requirements for Ghanaians to pursue their undergraduate studies in the USA.


Most schools in the US require a minimum of a high school diploma with solid coursework in Mathematics, English, sciences and humanities. In the Ghanaian system, applicants who have completed the Senior Secondary Certificate Exam (SSCE) must have a minimum average of ‘C’.

On the other hand, applicants who have completed their West African Senior Secondary School Exam (WASSCE) should have a minimum average of ‘B3’ or Good. In the US equivalent, a ‘B’ average or a 3.00 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 GPA grading scale.


One of the admission requirement for Ghanaian students to study in the US is to write and pass English proficiency exam. This is to prove that they speak and understand English to study in an American university.  This English proficiency exam assure the admission committee of your commitment and competitiveness. This language skill also ensure that you can succeed in your classes and navigate your way around the United States.

You can write any of these English language proficiency exams, depending on the specific requirement of the school you are applying to.

  • IELTS minimum score of 6.5
  • GTEC CBT minimum score of 1210
  • Duolingo English Test minimum score of 105
  • Pearson PTE Academic minimum score of 58
  • TOEFL minimum score of 81 (internet-based test)
  • SAT minimum score of 500 on the Evidenced Based Reading and Writing Portion of SAT exam
  • Cambridge English Exam – Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) minimum score of 176, CEFR level.

The higher your scores in these exams, the better your chances of being admitted. Kindly note that some schools in the US require very high scores for admission


The US, renowned for a robust educational system, is the dream of many Ghanaians to get their graduate degrees. There are additional admission requirements for Ghanaians who want to travel to the US for their graduate studies.

Graduate studies in the US are Masters and Doctorate degrees studies. The followings are the admission requirements for Ghanaians to get graduate degree in the US:


Ghanaians who intend to get their graduate degree in the USA should meet the admission requirement of a degree equivalent to a US bachelors degree or masters. Ghanaian applicants are required to submit official transcripts for their university level studies completed.

Academic transcripts must be issued by the schools you attended in Ghana. It should include the school’s stamp or an official signature from the school.


Proof of the English language proficiency is an admission requirement that can be optional in graduate application for Ghanaians. Ghanaian students who had their first degree in an English speaking country are exempted from writing English test scores.  Ghana being an English speaking country qualifies her students for exception in their US graduate program application.

Verify with the school to which you are applying to, if test scores are waived for you as a Ghanaian in their application.


Crafting a compelling SOP is one of the admission requirements for Ghanaians to study in the US for their graduate program. It is an integral part of your application; because it allows you pitch your purpose to the panel and why you should be their preferred candidate. This essay showcases your academic interest, your long-term and short-term career goals should be well articulated in the essay.

The statement of purpose get the admission committee familiar with your motivation for the program, professional contributions and why the university is your choice. It demonstrates how well you can constructively express your thoughts.

Ensure the following 7 elements are included in your statement of purpose:

  • Family background
  • Financial background
  • Academic achievements
  • Professional experience
  • Interest in the field of study
  • Interest in the institution
  • Research papers
  • Extra-curricular activities.


Writing sample is another admission requirement for Ghanaians to apply to graduate schools in the US. As much as this stretches your critical thinking skills, it gives the admission panel an understanding of your academic background. It should be relevant to the program to which you are applying, as it demonstrates your proficiency in the chosen field.


Ghanaians need recommendation letters as admission requirements for their graduate degree application in the US. Applicants include the names and email addresses of their recommenders during the course of application. Letters of recommendation are directly sent to the school to which you are applying. They could be two or three recommenders from your school or workplace.

Your recommenders write about their impressions of your academic excellence, intellectual prowess, skills and character. This is why recommendation is done by those who know you very well. Some schools require your recommenders know you for a number of years before recommending you.

Read why you should study in the US here: Why study in USA for Ghanaians


A lot of Ghanaians get admission easily after meeting all the admission requirements for their application to study in the USA.  We have helped thousands of Ghanaians with our simple, clear, and approachable services at IBS.

Get started with us today for a future you will be proud of in the USA.

Keep reading to learn more: Courses To Study in the USA for Ghanaians 

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