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As a Ghanaian student who desired to study in the US some years ago, I understand the struggles faced by students in making the decision. Even though there are many countries where you can study abroad, studying in the US has been my dream for many reasons. Higher education institutions in the US have an unbeatable record of academic excellence, scholarship opportunities, different assistantships, and many postgraduate opportunities. These solidified my decision to pursue my studies in the US.

In this guide, I will show you why study in USA.

Studying in the US has opened many doors of opportunities for me and my family. What helped me initially was knowing what I wanted, applying to the best schools in the US for my course, and submitting the proper documents on time.

Choosing to study in an American university that suited my field of study made my admission easy, and getting some funding and other career opportunities was easy. I am eager to share some of the benefits of studying in the US with you in this article.

There are diverse reasons why many Ghanaian students choose to study in the US. The United States is globally renowned as a world leader in offering high-quality education and many other opportunities. This makes the USA one of the most sought-after countries in the world for international students to study abroad.

This post will make you realize why the United States of America ranks first among countries that host Ghanaian students because of the top benefits of studying in the US.

You can read broadly on scholarships for Ghanaian students in the US here: Scholarships for Ghanaian Students to Study in the USA


  1. High-quality Education

One of the top reasons for studying in the US is the top-notch quality of the education system. This makes the US a home of the world’s leading educational institutions ranked high in the QS world rankings. Universities and colleges in the US not only offer high-quality education, they promote research opportunities and prepare students for their career pursuits in various fields. These American institutions have high academic standards that help them provide excellent education to their students.

Furthermore, the education system is flexible and excellent. The schools in the US offer a myriad of courses and programs to choose from as a Ghanaian student. Over 5,000 American universities and colleges give liberty to pursue a vast range of study choices for undergraduates and graduate programs for graduate students. This means you can narrow your options and develop your study plan as a Ghanaian student.

According to QS rankings, these are some of the top Universities to study in the US:

  • Harvard University
  • Cambridge University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • New York University
  • University of Pennsylvania

Learn the admission requirements to study in the US HERE;  ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS TO STUDY IN THE US 

  1. Cultural diversity

Students from different cultures of the world travel to study in the US

This makes it a multicultural environment that is rich in diversity and inclusivity. The cultural diversity gives you international exposure to various lifestyles, new mindsets, and perspectives. It also prepares you for valuable opportunities in any part of the world.

Also, being in a multicultural environment exposes you to cross-cultural communication skills. It helps you build your social and team-playing skills equally. All these skills enrich your educational experience while studying in the US, making you more valuable in the international market.

  1. A pleasant campus life experience 

It would help if you aimed to study in the US because their institutions offer a vibrant campus life. Several advantages are given to the students staying on campus. You get to build your confidence for a professional life right from campus. As you participate in many extracurricular activities, your leadership skills for professional development get boosted. The presence of many students on campus also enables you to expand your network, have better connections, and make valuable friendships.

  1. Support Services for international students

International students traveling to study in the US can enjoy many support services. There are regular orientation programs, seminars, workshops, and trainings to assist them in their stay in the US. These programs inform the students how to navigate the country as international students. They also teach how international students can get help in different situations. Some of these support services get students accustomed to a different way of life and classroom teaching mode.

Schools in the US understand the struggles of international students. Therefore, they offer support services that help the students with their academic queries and life generally in the US. They also make it easy for you to quickly settle any challenge you may face while settling in an ideal environment in the US.

Additionally, you can hone your English skills in preparation for your professional life after studying in the US. There are language clubs for international students to join. Various workshops are designed to help international students converse with native English speakers.

  1. Use of advanced technology 

Another benefit of studying in the US is the availability of advanced technology in American universities. This development makes the academics of these universities unique; it improves teaching qualities and teaching outcomes. Technology makes learning more accessible for students studying in the US. It boosts their research opportunities and ensures they get the best returns on the tuition fees invested in their studies abroad. This also makes the professors’ tasks easier to accomplish; they can easily access data through technology.

Be prepared to learn new technological skills if you study in the US. US universities effectively incorporate technology in pursuing various courses.

  1. Career Opportunities and internship

There are a plethora of career opportunities in the US. This makes finding the right career opportunities relatively easy after studying in the US. The reputable rankings of American higher education institutions make it easy for students to attract international opportunities. The United States of America itself has abundant employment opportunities in different sectors. You can work in finance, healthcare, industrial technology, real estate, and other sectors. It is rare to be jobless as a graduate student in the US.

On the other hand, American universities offer internship opportunities to excellent students looking for employment opportunities. Many international students in the US find internships and get hands-on practical training that gives them an edge over others when applying for high-paying jobs in the US. Some degree programs in the US have mandatory internships for students to complete before graduation. Internships are another way to expand your network among real-world professionals in your field.

Graduate students can avail themselves of research opportunities and training in the universities. Some take the role of teaching assistants, which helps them hone their teaching skills. This helps them earn some money while learning in the US. Suppose you also desire to return to your home country after studying in the US. In that case, getting a high-paying job with your US certificate can be easy.

  1. Internationally-accepted degrees

When you pursue your degree in the US, you have an international degree that expands your global exposure. Degrees earned in the US can be submitted anywhere in the world. The unique curriculum and excellent academic standards of American higher institutions make you stand out after studying in the US.

Some of the degree programs that are highly in demand in the US are listed below:

  •  Engineering
  •  Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Social Sciences
  • Digital Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Economics and Finance
Learn more on the top courses in the US: Courses To Study in the USA for Ghanaians


Studying abroad has a lot of benefits to offer. Some of these have been explained above to help you decide to study in the US. While the total fees required to study abroad can be daunting, the academic excellence, exposure, and the slew of career opportunities you will gain make it worth it.

Enrolling in a top-ranked American university today can be the life-changing decision you must make for a successful future.

Join other Ghanaian students in getting opportunities in the US. Click here to submit your details for help and support from us!

Read Our full Guide on everything you should know about studying in the US here: Study in USA from Ghana

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