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Why Study in UK? Top Reasons and Benefits for Ghanaian Students12 min read

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There are benefits to pursuing education in the United Kingdom.

The UK provides an environment with excellent educational institutions, a mix of students from different backgrounds and prestigious universities.

Additionally students have the opportunity to explore financial aid options, gain practical skills through work opportunities and completely engage in British customs.

Choosing to study in the UK allows individuals to experience city life in places like London and opens doors to connections, for those pursuing higher education degrees.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top reasons you should study in UK.

Let’s dive in.

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Why study in the UK? 9 powerful reasons

1. High quality education

The UK is famous for its first-class education, this is most-probably, whereby the students get access to the prestigious universities and the advanced pedagogy.

UK universities enable students to get information, skills, and experience required to achieve amazing carriers within their chosen fields with inimitable

The UK is a successful place for international students who want to pursue knowledge intensive higher education programmes that will enable them to both excel and thrive personally as well as professionally hence is an indication of the dedication to excellence in education.

2. International students are welcomed

UK politics is well-known for its tolerance and ability to combine a creative variety in its academic sphere.

The UK , having a strong history of the admission of people from all over the world into its education sector provides a friendly and serene environment for international students to grow and spearhead their education.

UK higher education institutions invest tremendous efforts in ensuring that their foreign students receive a welcoming environment through brilliant orientation programmes, bonuses for successful studies among many other supportive services.

Therefore, besides representing different cultures, which are brought into the classroom, enriches education and at the same time promotes collaboration and international tolerance.

3. Variety of courses

The UK offers a wide spectrum of courses in various disciplines which cater to all the students’ diversified interests and the different professional roles they are suited with.

UK colleges ultimately offer an expansive range of academic programs extending from to the foremost topics including artificial intelligence and green energy.

Students can take advantage of the fact that college provides them with the option to select a graduate, undergraduate, or doctoral degrees, where they can master diverse fields of interest or add new interests to their bucket and obtain market skills.

The school offers a wide range of courses with high probabilities of finding the best suitable course to fulfill both academic and professional goals for all of their students.

4. High standards of teaching

The UK is reputed for its top notch educational system exhibiting the immense knowledge displayed by its qualified teachers as well as the innovative learning strategies employed and the stringent academic requirements.

A priority of UK universities is to offer good education and high academic standards; therefore, they see to it that students are presented with stimulating and challenging instructions all the time. As participants’ national leaders of their domain, professors and lecturers of the UK, convey the latest research findings and share with them practical solutions.

Smaller class sizes without exception, individualized attention and interactive learning environments provide students with the chance of getting the support and the right tutoring they need to be academically successful as well as to apply critical thinking, which is imperative for future jobs.

5. Scholarships and funding

Students from all around the world can enjoy a wide range of fundings and academic scholarships in the UK and develop their educational profile to the fullest.

Many organizations, government and learning institutions present scholarships, grants and financial assistance programs to support students. This funding allows students to pay for tomatoes and coffee, hire houses, and pay for their tuition, making a career in the UK even more accessible to students who are from different cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, many universities conduct writings and provide tools to the students on how to use applications to get the scholarships needed to reach education goals in Britain.

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6. Interesting place to live

There are literally tons of interesting and lovable places to live in the UK, each of them has its own charming face and certain drawbacks.

British cities have something for everyone irrespective of their different characters like London and Manchester, as well as smaller towns and breathtaking countryside. You may find a place that is close to your life and wishes and can decide whether you like the natural places or city life.

Dwelling in the UK offers people a richly rewarding and magnificent experience because of the fancy infrastructure, energetic cultural scene and adventure-driven activities.

7. Work While You Study

Having a job besides your studies and being able to do this in an English-speaking environment is just one of the advantages of studying there. IE students, who have a valid student visa, are commonly allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term, while during specified periods of breaks the students may work full-time. Students may take part in some of this stuff to increase the desirability of their resumes, get some work experience, and pull some bucks to support paying bills. Working while at UK universities – the best option for further growth of knowledge and mastering practical abilities which will be essential in future employment. This is however true whether working on-campus or for any other company in the area or by being a part of internships which are appropriate to the study field of students.

8. High Rate of Employability

Graduates can use the knowledge and skills during their studies in the UK to get the skills necessary to quickly look for a job and find one after graduation.

In many international companies, the English universities enjoy the reputation for the combination of teaching practical skills and strict academic criteria. Such ties and consequent interactions with the industries are considered as yet another benefit for several UK colleges, thereby enabling the students with the network building opportunities, internships, and placements.

In addition to this, a wide range of industries all over the UK are providing the graduates with a lot of options for getting interesting jobs that they will enjoy due to the dynamic economical and job market of the country. After returning from their studies in the UK, international students will be prepared both technically and intellectually in order to compete in the global marketplace and start doing the best jobs available.

9. Develop excellent language skills

International students may learn a language in the UK in an ideal environment which is suitable for getting a thorough command of it.

Students living and studying in some English speaking countries are offered a variety of opportunities to either increase or maintain their language competency in and outside the classroom. Language acquisition is fastened by talking to native speakers, experiencing deep thinking discussions and schooling works in English.

The UK universities have in their fold language teaching and community help centers to aid foreign students become more fluent in communication. Improvement of the English language engenders better academic performance and employability. Also students master important skills for success in a globalizing world where borders are being removed.

Study in the UK

Students from all around the world can receive high quality education in an exciting, multicultural environment by going to UK colleges.

The UK boasts world-class education due to its universities with good reputation, range of courses, and high teaching standards. Along with this, students obtain necessary language skills and jobs, can get a grant and scholarship and work as a student.

Besides this, the UK has a great cultural mix that you will see in different cities, ancient spots and of course, in the hospitable local people. The UK is a destination that you must consider if you want to obtain an undergraduate or graduate education with perspectives for the future.

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Lastly, and by extension, foreign students who study there have a well-defined as well as enriching academic journey.

Due to its well-positioned cream universities, numerous degree options, and high teaching standard England is the ideal barrier to simultaneously make professional and academic progress.

Students too can find focus in bursaries and scholarships, be able to work while they learn thus gaining important language skills and employment aptitude.

Are you prepared to make the move? Now submit your information for customized advice!


Can I get permanent residency status after studying in the UK?

On having my final degree, I am eligible to apply for permanent residency to stay in the UK as well. Of course, you may not be granted to be a permanent resident in case you have not accomplished the mandatory obligations and qualifications. The immigration status that is given to those individuals is called the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

How much bank balance is required for a UK student visa?

A lot of factors that include for example, your tuition fees, living expenses, and the length of your study program play a vital role to determine how much circle bank balance is needed for a UK student visa, this visa is called a Tier 4 General student visa. The UK Home Office expects students to demonstrate not only that they will be able to pay for their living expenses but also for their preliminary tuition (for the first year if it is less than a year or for the entire year if it is more than a year).

In a situation where a student is enrolled on a course that lasts beyond nine months, the maintenance fund is calculated as £1,265 per month whereas for one that is shorter than that, it equates to £11,385. (for classes of less than nine months). The student is expected to pay £1,015 per month for the maximum of nine months or £9,135 for the courses less than nine months.

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What are the requirements to study in the UK?

  1. Acceptance into a UK institution:In order to make a visa application, you first need to secure an unconditional offer from an educational institution that is listed on the approved UKVI (UK Visas & Immigration) list of established education providers.
  2. Valid student visa: Regarding the type of visa that you will need, it is a Tier 4 (General) student visa, which involves meeting several conditions, including you having known English language skills and enough money to support your studies and living expenses.
  3. English language proficiency: This process is quite general, because most universities obligate all nonnative/ international students to provide evidence of their competence in English based on their scores of a recognized exam ( IELTS or TOEFL).
  4. Financial capability: Only if you can prove convincingly that you have enough money covering your tuition fees and accommodation expenses till the end of your studies in the UK will you be granted a visa. It could for instance, mean attending Interviews with embassies or immigration offices or even requesting bank statements or proof of financial support by sponsors.
  5. Academic qualifications: Firstly, academic standards are very strict. The University must be sure that you can meet them, so you should pay more attention to the course you’re applying for. Such may be done through offering transcripts, certificates, or any proof of one’s academic level.
  6. Health and character requirements: For some of them you’ll have to do a medical checkup and acquire a tuberculosis test certificate if you’re applying for a visa each of which is specified by certain countries. Lastly, apart from being of good morals and with no criminal background, you should be healthy.
  7. Visa application:  After receiving your acceptance letter from a UK university and collecting all essential documents, you will be required to obtain the Tier-4 (General) student visa through the UKVI website or in an application center in your country of origin.

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Can I study in the UK without IELTS?

Indeed, you could still learn here in the UK without IELTS. Some UK universities and colleges besides conventional English language proficiency tests have the option of language waiver for international students. These may be tests like TOEFL, Pearson Test of English (PTE), Cambridge English exams such as C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, or completion of graduate English-taught programmes in certain institutions. Furthermore, some institutions can waive the English language requirement in case you finished the previous education in English or you meet the specific criteria set by the college as the case may be. Make sure to check the language requirements of the institution and the course of your choice so as to ascertain whether there are any chances of being eligible for admission without submitting IELTS.

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Is there any other option for IELTS?

Indeed, of the several choices one can have, including the IELTS for the purpose of studying in the UK via displaying the mastery of the English language in IELTS is among them. Some of these alternatives include:Some of these alternatives include:

  1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): This is among the best known and the most approved English language proficiency exams by the universities and higher learning institutions in the UK.
  2. Pearson Test of English (PTE): Speaking PTE Academic which is a most popular choice for examining English language skills among those UK institutions which are accepting it is one of the very options.
  3. Cambridge English exams:Cambridge English:Advanced and Proficiency are noted either in some universities or by the policymakers for their proof of English Language knowledge.
  4. Duolingo English Test: Some institutions recognize the Duolingo English Test, an online self-report test that can be completed anywhere with an Internet connection.
  5. English language waiver: At times universities may waive off the English language requirement in case of previous education in the same language or that your alienation criteria meets with the criteria of the university.

It is imperative to find out whether your selected university and course allow use of alternative English proficiency examination types and which ones specifically they accept from the list. Every school may have its own established list of  tests while setting the lowest acceptable scores to be considered for admission. Are you prepared to make the move? Now submit your information for customized advice!


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