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How to Study in UK from Ghana: A Step-by-Step Guide | Study Abroad6 min read

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To study in the UK from Ghana, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. The research process begins with thinking about what to study, where to study, tuition fees, climate, etc. The good thing is, you can do all these from your home country Ghana.

We will be looking at some steps to study in the UK from Ghana, the requirements for studying in the UK from Ghana, and some other details you don’t need to miss.

Your dream of studying in the UK can be actualized, let’s do this together!

Steps to study in the UK from Ghana

To study in the UK from Ghana as a Ghanaian student, there are some steps you need to take:

  • Research on the universities and the courses. You also need to check the location, ranking, and facilities offered by the Universities.
  • Shortlist some universities and the courses by checking the entry requirements, fees, scholarship, CAS deposit, and installment plan.
  • Finalize a few options and apply directly either on the school website for Masters or UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) for undergraduate courses
  • Get a conditional or unconditional offer letter.
  • Pay minimum (CAS- Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) deposit
  • Provide proof of funds and a Tuberculosis test certificate for the CAS. You may need to pass a pre-cas interview before getting the CAS
  • Once CAS is issued apply for the visa
  • Get the visa and plan your travel.

Requirements for studying in the UK from Ghana

Ghanaian students intending to study in the UK must match the entry requirements to get a degree. Some of them are:

Age requirement: A student must be 18 or over to study in the UK

Academic score: You must have a university or high school certificate with a CGPA of at least 2.5

English language proficiency score: Get at least an overall score of 6.0 in an Academic IELTS (with an individual score of about 5.5)

Application process for studying in the UK from Ghana

The application process is pretty straightforward. You have to first of all:

  • Decide on a university or college and course of study.
  • Register and apply.
  • Accept your offer.
  • Arrange proof of funds and other documents.
  • Apply for a visa.
  • Prepare for your stay.

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Choosing a university in the UK as a Ghanaian student

Choosing the right university in the UK is an important decision, and one can quickly get overwhelmed with the large number of options available That is why I am helping you simplify this. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Identify Your Goals

Clearly define your academic and career goals before choosing a university. Knowing your goals helps align your choices with programs and institutions that best cater to your aspirations.

  1. Look into Programme Cost

Don’t forget to factor in the overall cost and see if it is what you can afford.

  1. Support Availability

When selecting a university in the UK as a Ghanaian, it is important to understand its support services like mental health services, counseling, and financial aid.

  1. Check University Rankings

Never forget to check how a university ranks. Different UK university rankings tell you various things about a university, like its global reputation.

  1. Choose the Right Course

Being certain about your chosen UK university subject is critical, as it shapes your next three to six years of study and influences your career for the next 40-50 years. Don’t overlook that!

  1. Look for Student Societies

Beyond academics, choose a university that encourages socializing. Ensure your prospective institution supports your existing hobbies or interests.

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Visa process for Ghanaian students studying in the UK

The next thing to do after getting your admission offer letter is:

  1. Select the right visa which is a student visa.
  2. Start making visa applications and pay the fee.
  3. Make an appointment by choosing your nearest visa application center.
  4. Upload all the necessary documents.
  5. Visit the visa application center.
  6. Track your application.
  7. Collect your passport.

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English language proficiency exams for studying in the UK from Ghana

All applicants are required to have an internationally recognized English language qualification such as IELTS or equivalent. To take the exam in your home country, you need to choose the one that aligns with your purpose. There are different types of IELTS for different purposes.

  • IELTS Academic – in centre (paper or computer) GHS 3200
  • IELTS Academic Online – remote GHS 3200
  • IELTS General Training – in centre (paper or computer) GHS 3200
  • IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration (Academic and General Training) – in center (paper) GHS 3400

Scholarship opportunities for Ghanaian students studying in the UK

There are scholarship opportunities available to Ghanaians studying in the UK. Some of them are:

  1. Jeff Schell Fellowships 2024.
  2. GSLS Travel Fellowships by University of Würzburg 2024.
  3. Leakey Foundation Research Grants 2024.
  4. Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) PhD Fellowships 2024.

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Financial requirements for studying in the UK from Ghana

There is a financial requirement you need to fulfill as a student studying in the UK. How much money you need depends on where you will be studying. You’ll need: £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) to study in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) for study outside London. Why is that you may ask? Because London is an expensive city.

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Housing options for Ghanaian students studying in the UK

Many UK students live in private rented accommodation. This is popular for students in the second year of their studies. Students can rent a place on their own or share it with other students. Sharing is common for students in the UK, it can help to reduce costs and can be fun and sociable.

Student accommodation in the UK will be a minimum charge of £1,023 per month or up to 9 months or £9207 as requested by UK Visa and Immigration. The average accommodation rents are £150 per week.

Support services for Ghanaian students in the UK

One requirement you should not take for granted while looking for a university to study at is the availability of support. You can find support from the following places or organizations.

  • Student unions.
  • International office.
  • Student wellbeing services.
  • Support for students with disabilities and special needs.
  • Academic support and learning development.
  • Personal or academic tutors and supervisors.


This article has outlined the steps to follow to achieve studying at your dream school in the UK. With this, you have everything you need to secure your future with a good education.

If you still need further help, we are here to provide whatever you need. Kindly submit your details below.

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