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Top Universities in USA without IETLS and Gre: Study in the USA without the IELTS Hassle – Simplify your journey

Are you a Ghanaian who wants to study in the USA without the IELTS hassle or GRE? If yes, then you are like me! I knew I didn’t want to spend extra cost on IELTS or GRE, I needed to look for alternative options. I am going to reveal all these alternative options in this post.

It appears impossible to study in the USA without the IELTS hassle, but that is not an absolute truth. IELTS is a tough exam and for many, it is not easy to clear once. Many universities accept IELTS scores higher than 6.0 or 6.5 and people often attempt it more than twice to score higher bands.

IELTS sometimes becomes a barrier for Ghanaians willing to study in the USA. The examination may appear tough for non-native speakers of English because attempting it multiple times is not feasible due to the exam fee.

In this time and age, the prices of these exams have skyrocketed. How do you succeed in your pursuit to study in the US without writing IELTS or GRE?

Keep reading to learn more: Courses To Study in the USA for Ghanaians  

How to study in the USA without IELTS

Many US universities and colleges don’t require the IELTS test. You simply need to find the American schools that meet your goals and preferences with an exception for IELTS or GRE. Additionally, some institutions offer other English tests like TOEFL, Duolingo, you can use them instead of the IELTS or GRE.

Another option is to enroll in an intensive English language course once you arrive in the US. This will help you improve your English. It will show your skills without writing a formal exam like the IELTS.

For some American institutions, you can apply to study  in the without IELTS after meeting the major requirements.

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  •  Letter from your university where you had your first degree, confirming that you have pursued your course in English.
  •  You should have English as a core subject in your high school.
  • IELTS may be unnecessary if English is the official language in the country where you completed your graduation.

Universities may insist on their preparatory courses. These are sometimes called IELP or Intensive English Language Programs.

  • It is possible to apply for the USA without an IELTS if you have good educational grades and meet all other requirements.
  • Some institutions require less expensive English proficiency tests, they can be used instead of the IELTS.

Universities in the USA with alternative admission requirements for Ghanaians 

Here are the top Universities to study in the usa without IELTS :

  • California state university
  • University of Colorado
  • Drexel University
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of North Alabama
  • Northwood university
  • Rice university
  • National Louis university
  • University of New Orleans
  • Harvard University
  • University of Dayton
  • Duke University
  • State university of new york

However, to study in the USA without IELTS you will be asked to provide some proof of English proficiency as an alternative.

Here is the table of the IELTS alternative options for these US universities;


Name of university to study in the USA without IELTS Alternative Institutions
1.California state university TOEFl,DET,PTE
2.university of Colorado TOEFL,DET
3.Drexel University TOEFL,PTE,DET
4.University of Arkansas TOEFL,PTE-A
5.Northwood university EFL,ESL
6.University of losa EPE,TOEFL,DTE
7.Duke university Cambridge ,TOEFL,PTE,DTE

1. California State University

You can study in the USA without IELTS at the California State University. But, if English is not your native language or you have not had three years of secondary education in English, you must prove your English skills. Since most classes are taught in English, you will need to demonstrate your ability to read, write, and speak English.

California State University uses the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to measure your English proficiency. The TOEFL test is given year-round at permanent testing centers around the world.

There are two versions of the test: internet and computer-based.

Duolingo English Test (DET) is also accepted by California State University to measure English proficiency, and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is also accepted for proof of English proficiency

The California State University (Cal State or CSU) is a public University system in California. It is the largest public university system in the United States.

It has 23 campuses and seven off-campus centers. Together, these enroll 457,992 students and employ 56,256 faculty and staff.

In California, it is one of the three public higher education systems. The others are the University of California and the California community college systems. The CSU system is officially The Trustees of the California State University. It is based in Long Beach, California.

  1. University of Colorado

To study in USA without the IELTS hassle University of Colorado is a good choice

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The TOEFL, IELTS and Duolingo English Test are three different English language proficiency tests accepted by the University of Colorado as proof of English proficiency.

The University of Colorado does not accept any other tests as proof of English proficiency.

The University of Colorado (CU) is a system of public universities in Colorado. It has four institutions. They are the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs the University of Colorado Denver, and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. The elected, nine-member board of regents governs it.

3. Drexel University

To study in USA without IELTS hassle at Drexel University. The English Proficiency of international students is measured by

  •   Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL
  • Pearson Test of English – PTE
  • Duolingo English Test

International applicants must submit proof of English Proficiency. They must do this unless they are eligible for a waiver.

To be eligible for a waiver, an applicant must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have citizenship from a recognized English-speaking country
  • Have earned a bachelor’s,
  • Master’s, or doctoral degree from a recognized English-speaking country
  • Have worked in the United States for 5 or more years
  • Completed full bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree that was delivered entirely in English

Drexel University is a private research university. Its main campus is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drexel’s undergraduate school was founded in 1891 by Anthony J. Drexel, a financier and philanthropist. It was founded as the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry.

It was renamed Drexel Institute of Technology in 1936, before taking its current name in 1970. In 2020, over 24,000 students were enrolled. They studied in over 70 bachelor’s programs and over 100 master’s, doctoral, and professional programs at the university.

4. University of Arkansas

You can study in USA without the IELTS hassle at the University of Arkansas. They offer other ways to measure English. These include PTE-A and TOEFL.

The University of Arkansas (U of A, UArk, or UA) is a public land-grant research university in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

It is the flagship campus of the University of Arkansas System. Founded as Arkansas Industrial University in 1871, classes were first held in 1872, with its present name adopted in 1899.

5. Northwood University

You can study in the USA without IELTS hassle at Northwood University. They offer an alternative to testing the English proficiency of international students. It is for admission.

Students who meet one of the following requirements do not have to take the proficiency exam.

  • You must show proof of successful completion. This can be a high school or baccalaureate degree. It must be from a foreign institution or an American school. The school must have taught in English. The school can provide a signed letter or official transcript verifying the courses were taught in English. Or, Northwood University International Program staff can verify through other methods. For example, the school website, AACRAO, phone, etc.
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework, or blended models do not qualify.
  • Graduate school applicants who completed their undergraduate coursework entirely in English.
  • This applies to students from an English-speaking country listed below. They must be a native citizen of the United States territories (excluding Puerto Rico). They must also be from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (excluding Quebec), South Africa, or Jamaica.

6. University of losa

You can study in the USA without the IELTS hassle at the University of Iowa. They offer alternatives to International applicants. Those who do not meet the waiver requirements must submit English scores.

You must take the on-campus English Proficiency Exam (EPE) unless you submit a TOEFL score of 100 or higher. All students admitted with DuoLingo (DET) scores must take the EPE when they arrive on campus.

The English proficiency requirements of the University of Iowa vary by program. Applicants will get a waiver if they are citizens or have earned an equal of a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. in Ghana or other host countries.

The University of Iowa (UI, U of I, UIowa, or simply Iowa) is a public research university in Iowa City, Iowa, United States. Founded in 1847, it is the oldest university in the state. The University of Iowa is organized into 12 colleges offering more than 200 areas of study and seven professional degrees

7. Duke University

To study in the USA without IELTS hassle, Duke University simplifies the journey.

They do not require English proficiency scores.

They consider them non-native English speakers. These speakers want to show their English ability beyond their application materials.

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They accept the Cambridge C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency Tests, the Duolingo English Test, the PTE Academic, and the TOEFL.

Duke University is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina, United States. Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day city of Trinity in 1838, the school moved to Durham in 1892.

In 1924, industrialist James Buchanan Duke founded The Duke Endowment. The institution changed its name to honor his deceased father, Washington Duke.

Read our full guide on how to study in the US here: How to study in USA for Ghanaians


You do not need to stress yourself if you cannot afford to write an IELTS exam or GRE. You can study in the USA by looking  for institutions with alternative options for ELTS. Many top universities offer alternative ways to measure English proficiency.

Read Our full Guide on everything you should know about studying in the US here: Study in USA from Ghana

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