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How We Helped a Ghanaian Student ( Francis) Successfully Immigrate Abroad with IBS

How We Helped a Ghanaian Student ( Francis) Successfully Immigrate Abroad with IBS

Throughout our 5 years of service, we have recorded a huge number of student success stories at IBS Consulting. This article tells one of such remarkable stories — why not let’s discover how we did it together?

For most people, studying abroad is a dream, and to us a mission. Discover how we helped a ghanaian student immigrate abroad with IBS – how for Francis Kofi, we made it a reality. In this article, we give the details of Francis’ “study abroad” journey and how our unique three-phase strategy made it a walk-in-the-park for him.

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Francis Kofi was an average Ghanaian student — he did not earn all distinctions in his WASSCE subjects. One thing that however set him apart was his strong will. He was ambitious. From his academic goals, we could tell that he had long harbored a dream of furthering his education in the dynamic field of Computer Engineering.

He no longer saw himself in Kumasi, his home town in Ghana. Francis envisioned himself studying in a renowned university in the UK, surrounded by bright intellectuals in a culturally-diverse environment.

However, going through the process of writing application essays or applying for VISA seemed too daunting a task for Francis. That’s where we stepped in, providing Francis with the right guidance and support he needed to turn his dream into a reality.

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Phase 1 – Analyzing Francis Position and Most Suitable Options

From years of experience, we recognise how crucial research and analysis of the client’s specific position is. When preparing to study abroad, that’s the first step. Since there are hundreds of possibilities to consider in choosing a degree, destination or university, we ensured throughout that no single mistake was made.

In analyzing Francic position, we had our team of researchers look at the information we got from our one-to-one consultation with Francis. He had expressed a keen interest in Computer Engineering.

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  • Through our program exploration, we identified several univeristies in the UK that aligned perfectly with his interests. We looked at their program curriculum, faculty expertise, and reputation.
  • We meticulously assessed Francis’ academic transcripts, test scores and other qualifications to ensure he meets the entry requirements for his desired program.
  • Upon reviewing his transcripts, we discovered a missing document required by one university. We promptly guided Francis on obtaining this necessary document to ensure a complete application.
  • We became a student, which is a great way to see first-hand the good and not-so-good aspects of our analysis.
  • Once this was done, we prepared Francis a personalized list of potential schools, their eligibility requirements, and the documents needed to proceed.

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Using our chance calculator software, we ran a test to see his chances of getting into each schools (provided his CV and application essays are well-crafted). Scoring no less than 85%, we were ready to proceed with Francis to Phase 2, where we provided him with a comprehensive application support.

Phase 2 – Crafting a Winning Application Package

With a clear roadmap of universities already established in the first phase, it was now time for us to be brave. Submitting a winning application demands bravery, which is why we don’t recommend self-application.

At IBS Consulting, our team put all hands on deck to ensure we send forth an irresistible application that showcased Francis’ academic strengths and extra-curricular activities to his potential universities.

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Here’s how we did it:

1. We guided him through university-specific application portals

Our specialised advisors offered Francis ongoing support throughout his application process. We ensured only the appropriate document were submitted. We also made navigation through the application portal a walk-in-the-park for Francis.

A particular school (name withheld) required us to submit his LinkedIn profile. So, we helped optimize his LinkedIn to look more professional and student-standard.

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2. We took track of all applications and their deadlines

We knew it was easy to forget important dates and deadlines, so we kept track of everything using long Excel spreadsheets and reminders. This way, Francis was able to meet up with tight deadlines and scale through his visa and university application processes without any last-minute rush.

Throughout the process, we also managed his transcripts, test scores, and any other supporting documents required by the universities. We ensured it was all organized.

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3. We Gathered the Facts and Crafted a Compelling Essay

As Francis’ advisors, we took charge of the writing of his essays and statements. Strong essays are a crucial element of any successful application. In the case of Francis, it would account for 25% out of the admission-determining factors.

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Initially, we noticed how Francis wanted his essays to be focused heavily on the technical aspects of his field. By working closely with him, we incorporated personal anecdotes that highlighted his problem-solving skills, leadership experience, motivation for pursuing an engineering degree and passion for making a real-world impact.

We ensured that his essays were clear, concise, and effectively conveyed his passion for his chosen field.This multi-pronged approach is what we’ve been following in writing compelling essays that resonated with the admissions committees.

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4. We Sourced for and Prepared a Strong Recommendation Letter

Most of the Top competitive UK schools Francis applied to required recommendation letters from professors or professional contacts. We assisted Francis in contacting the right individuals within our company’s network. We emailed them recommendation request emails.

After we got a strong enough letter, we edited it to match the university’s specific formatting style requirements.

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5. We Secured a Visa for Francis

Since Francis had made payments for our comprehensive package, as an exclusive bonus, we assisted him throughout his Visa application process.

UK student visa applications have specific criteria and documentation needs. Without the guidance of an expert, it can be a complex and often stressful experience. We ensured that Francis had ready all the necessary documents including his financial statements, proof of health insurance, academic transcripts and the like.

Also, to prepare him for the Visa interview, we conducted a mock session. This was to help alleviate his anxieties and ensure he was well-prepared for the actual interview.

Thanks to IBS’s comprehensive support, Francis’ visa application was successful. He received his student visa within 2 weeks.

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6. We Assisted him in Applying for Scholarships to Cut Down Costs

We recognise that choosing to study abroad does not mean one should break the bank. For Francis, we went the extra mile in searching for schools that offered scholarships, whether fully or partially-funded. This would later paid off for our client and for us.

By the end of the second phase, Francis had submitted complete and well-crafted application documents to his prospective universities. He had also paid for his application fees where required. He was confident that his applications effectively conveyed his academic strengths and suitability for the programs.

Phase 3 – Application Follow-up and Immigration Support

We did not just stop at sending applications to potential universities, we stayed with Francis through the process. By following up on all sent applications, we were able to quickly discover those whose documents needed adjustment.

For us, one of the benefits of doing a follow-up was that when Francis’ finally got accepted into the University of Birmingham, we were able to celebrate with him!

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What more could make us happy than seeing a happy client? Francis was on his way to grabbing his BSc. in Computer Engineering in one of the UK’s top 15 schools.

Again, we provided Francis a checklist to guide him on the tasks ahead — securing housing, opening a bank account, and arranging airport transportation. Because schooling abroad demands students to blend culturally, we enlightened Francis through workshops and provided PDF resources on adjusting to a new culture and environment.

“IBS’s support throughout my application process was invaluable. When I faced challenges, they knew exactly how to get over it. Their expertise and personalized approach made a real difference in helping me achieve my long-held dream of studying abroad.”

~ Francis Kofi.

Student, University of Birmingham.

Our Gift to You: a Free Consultation with IBS Advisors

If you’ve read Francis’ story up to this point, we’d like to offer you a huge token: you can hop on a 30-minute call with our experts today. Note that we received calls ONLY by booking (you can do that here for free).

We understand that you have a myriad of questions, and are ready to give answers to them one after the other. We reckon it’s going to be an eye-opening consultation experience for you, laying down the personalized 3-phase strategy we’ll follow to get you studying your dream course abroad.

Over to You…

From Kumasi to Birmingham, Francis’ journey to studying abroad is a testament to the top-notch services we offer at IBS Consulting. At IBS, we are passionate about helping ambitious students navigate through the complex process of applying to international universities.

What’s more? We can adjust our packages to fit your pocket and demand. If you prefer, you can order individually for any of these: school CV, Statement of Purpose, referral letter and scholarship essay.

Don’t let your dream of studying abroad remain just a dream. Contact us today by booking a free consultation and let our team of experts guide you to success!

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