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Getting your first job abroad as a Ghanaian is not an impossible feat. You have been tirelessly seeking legit means of leaving your country and creating a better life for yourself.

You have congratulated many friends who just got a job abroad and you are wondering when it would be your turn.

If I’m right, you are reading the right post to know how to get a job abroad from Ghana. We are here for people like you who need support to relocate abroad, either through employment or study route.

Let’s get you started with the right information!

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  1.   Have a relevant skill

Unless you have a professional degree like a nurse, doctor, or engineer, having practical skills is your surest bet to landing your first job abroad as a Ghanaian. Especially when you’re a fresh university graduate; you need to learn a high-paying skill.

Nowadays, skills are the king of the employment market in any field. Your skill is the value you bring to any company you apply to and most companies base their hiring decision on this.

In your endeavor to acquire new skills, you must learn and master skills that are not only relevant to your field, you must also recognize obsolete skills in that field. This will help you not to bother wasting your time learning because it would be of little value when the world has moved on from it.

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You are not required to attend university for another four years. If you’re determined, which I’m sure you are, 6–12 months is enough time to take you from beginner to expert.

In the job market abroad, it doesn’t matter what you think you know, what truly matters is what your field and industry expect you to know.

Some examples of the highly demanded skills are:

  •         Social media marketing, digital marketing, and other marketing skills
  •         Content creation, graphics designing, videography, photography, illustration and animation, and others with cinematography-related skills
  •         Handymen like carpenters, painters, barbers, hairstylists, etc.
  •         Automobile repairs and engineers
  •         Software developers

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Finding a job abroad as a Ghanaian could be incredibly difficult if you have no prior experience related to your field of interest. This is why it is important to know what you want to do before applying for jobs abroad. You have to know where your passion lies, build your capacity in that field by exploring your strengths. You can also ask those who are experienced in your field of interest of the necessary experience to garner in order to be a preferred applicant.

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  1.   Find the job openings at those companies that perfectly match your profile

You take your time to research the companies that perfectly align with your education, certificate, experience, skills, and achievements.

There are two ways to go about this; you can do it yourself or contact a recruiting agency. There are companies that are open for visa sponsorship for Africans, and as a Ghanaian, you can be qualified if you meet all the requirements.

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  1.   Create a compelling resume and cover letter

It is expedient to not only make your resume and cover letter fit for the jobs you are applying for but also the country. In writing these, you must pay attention to your spelling and grammar rules to suit the language requirement of the country you are looking at. It will be less difficult for you to convince your employer and transition to the work environment abroad with a suitable resume.

Below are some tips for your resume:

  • Give specific facts and figures for your academic accomplishments.
  • Include work experience that is directly relevant to the position you’re applying to.
  • Let your English language proficiency be specifically known in your application.

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  1.   Start your application

Once you have gotten the material required for the job application, start your application as soon as you can. You need not to wait till the application deadline is almost over. There are many organizations abroad, start applications immediately.

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  1.   Follow up on your application

To improve your chance of being invited for an interview, you should follow up on your applications after a week or two. You may have to reach out more than once! Your persistence might make it easy for the employer to invite you for an interview.

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There are private recruiting agencies who help companies find qualified employees. It might be easier to work through this agency if you don’t want to go through the stress yourself. Also, these agencies are familiar with organizations with vacant positions more than you do.

On the other hand, watch out for scam employment agencies that claim they can help you get a job abroad as a Ghanaian. Avoid paying an upfront fee to an employment agency.

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Many Ghanaians are using several channels to creatively find unique opportunities for themselves, especially on social media. The internet is the biggest source of information for job-seekers abroad, so you’re in luck!

In the world we live in today, how you use social media can go a long way in defining your life.

  •         Create an account on LinkedIn (if you don’t already have one). Many employers use your LinkedIn profile as your résumé, especially if your application is done online.

If a company has hired people from your home country before, they’re more likely to do so again. Network with colleagues from your country who now work in the US and find out what companies they work for. You can ask your network for introductions or you get recommended by someone you know.

If you don’t know people who meet this description personally, try searching for them on LinkedIn and send messages to people you find.


Your network is your net worth. Your network will help you navigate your job search faster and make your life easier. Knowing relevant people in your field who know what you can do is even better.

Build relationships with people in your field of interest, they have already gone through the path you are about to step foot in, their experience can be your guide. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you can go ahead and schedule an informational interview with them. Learn from their experiences and how they were able to navigate entry into the field.

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Can I Work Abroad Without a Degree? 


You can apply for service or seasonal-based jobs abroad. However, finding a job abroad without a degree or work experience could be incredibly difficult.

What is the Easiest Job to Get Abroad?

Hotel front desk clerk

  •         Server
  •         Nanny
  •         Hotel breakfast attendant
  •         Cleaner
  •         Event planning intern
  •         Tour guide
  •         Landscape labourer
  •         Hotel housekeeper

Can a Ghanaian Graduate Apply for Work Abroad?


Fresh Ghanaian graduates can apply for work abroad by researching the country’s requirements.


Getting your first job abroad as a Ghanaian is not a joke, and it must be treated as such or you will never get a paycheck. A job search takes its toll on the mental and physical framework of applicants; especially as a Ghanaian.

These days, people are finding new ways to search for a job abroad and you need not to be in the oblivion. With this article covering everything on how to get a job abroad, you can be confident in your job search.



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