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How To Ace Your Recommendation letter As A Ghanaian student: Expert Letter Writing Guide for Canadian study12 min read

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Welcome to my guide on acing your recommendation letters for Canadian study as a Ghanaian student! 

As an education advisor assisting international applicants, I’ve seen first-hand how important recommendation letters can be in securing admission when applying for international studies. 

When you write your recommendation letter well and highlight aspects that would compel the institutions you are applying to, you get an increased chance of getting accepted.

In this article, I’ll share all the insider tips and tricks you need to obtain outstanding letters of recommendation that impress Canadian university admission committees.

From tips for writing a recommendation letter for studying in Canada to elements to include in a recommendation letter for studying abroad to guidelines for writing a recommendation letter to recommendation letter examples and samples for studying in Canada as a Ghanaian student. 

We’ll cover everything you need to know and guidelines for structuring your recommendation letter. 

By following my expert advice, you can be certain your letters will sing your praises and significantly boost your chances of success. I’ll also answer any other questions about navigating the application process.

Let’s get started!


Writing Tips and Guidelines For Writing an Ideal Letter of Recommendation

1. Focus on relevant skills: Emphasize valuable qualities like leadership, teamwork, and communication that would tell them how you would perform. Let your recommendation letter highlight instances where you could showcase these qualities, if possible.

2. Be truthful and honest: The referee should be accurate and impartial. It should be value-filled over flattery. They should highlight your unique values and future successes that can be predicted based on how you’ve proven to be over  

3The referee should include their complete contact information in the recommendation letter if the institution contacts them for further information. 

4. Again, all the information provided about the student by the referee should be authentic and honest. You may get assessed accordingly. 

5. Also, it’s important not to confuse a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)with a Statement of Purpose (SOP).  

LOR for Canada: Structural Guidelines and Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter For Studying in Canada

Follow these guidelines for writing a recommendation letter for studying in Canada;

– Use a formal letter format, with your name, designation, and organization at the top and the correct Date. Address it to the admissions committee. 

Unless otherwise specified, Keep the recommendation letter to a maximum of one page. Make your letter concise yet detailed; this makes the strongest impact.

– Your introduction should include a clear statement of who you are, your relationship to the student, and the length of time you have known them. 

– The body should use concrete examples to highlight the candidate’s abilities, qualities, and suitability for the program. Mention their accomplishments, honors, leadership responsibilities, etc.

– Emphasise character traits that point to success, such as responsibility, teamwork, communication, work ethic, and problem-solving skills. Please ensure these are as closely related to the program as possible.

– Positive language such as “strongly support” or “highly recommend” should be used to make the recommendation letter’s conclusion clear and compelling for acceptance. 

– Before submitting, carefully proofread everything you’ve written to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It’s best to let someone else look it over.

– Your contact details, such as email and phone numbers are very important elements to include in a recommendation letter for studying abroad in case the university needs any clarification.

– Submit the recommendation letter on official letterhead or with your business card attached for credibility. Also, sign across the whole page for security.

– Submit your recommendation letter on time before the deadline to avoid last-minute delays. Keep soft or hard copies for your records, too.

– Be truthful, fair, and objective. Avoid personal opinions, criticism,s or comparisons with other students. Exercise caution when expressing opinions.

– Emphasize qualities relevant to academic success over personality traits. Focus on skills rather than just being “nice.”

Type of LOR(s) Required to Study in Canada

Canadian universities typically require 2-3 letters of recommendation (LORs) as part of the application. Check the specific requirements for your program of interest. LORs are usually needed for undergraduate, master’s, and MBA programs. For law/medicine, requirements may vary, and so does your research for individual schools.

Recommender’s Guidelines

Pick recommenders who know you well academically or professionally. Professors, teachers, employers, or community leaders are okay with this. Brief them on your skills, achievements, and study/career goals. Don’t forget to provide them with your resume/CV and transcripts. Give a time of 2-3 weeks for completion. Get digital or sealed/signed hard copies.

Submission Guidelines

Most Canadian universities prefer online submission, while some accept mailed hard copies. 

Letter of Recommendation for Canada: Requirements at Top Universities

Top Canadian schools value well-written, strong LORs that highlight your qualifications, abilities, leadership, teamwork, and potential to succeed in the program/career. 

They should be at least one page, on official letterhead, dated, and signed. Your recommenders must clearly state their details, such as how they relate to you.

SOP for Canada: Importance, Sample, Tips & Guidelines

Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important part of your application process that allows Canadian universities to evaluate you and your potential. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

The writing aspect is important because it helps the admission committees gain a clearer understanding of your background, qualifications, and objectives beyond transcripts alone. It can strengthen your overall application to study in Canada.

The Sample Format recommended is;

– 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font

– Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion flow 

Keep these key tips in mind when writing your SOP;

– Highlight relevant experiences and skills in the body of the SOP

– Connect your goals to the program outcomes

– Use specific examples and anecdotes

– Proofread carefully for errors

Guidelines for Writing an SOP for Canada:

– Research program requirements in advance

– Address the prompt directly and concisely  

– Emphasise qualities that suit academic success

– Stay within the page limit unless specified

Undergraduate(UG) Recommendation letter Sample for studying in Canada 


Admissions Committee  

Bachelor of Business Administration 

McGill University

Montreal, QC H3A 0G4

Dear Admissions Committee, 

I am writing to support Jane Doe’s application to the Bachelor of Business Administration program at McGill University. I have had the pleasure of teaching Jane in her business and economics courses at her high school for the past two years.

Jane consistently achieves top grades through her diligent work ethic and analytical mind. She asks insightful questions in class and contributes valuable perspectives to discussions. Beyond academics, Jane also volunteers as treasurer of the debate club and marketing director of the yearbook committee. In these roles, she demonstrates excellent leadership, communication, and project management skills.

Jane is passionate about business and entrepreneurship. She has researched McGill’s prestigious BBA program. She believes it will allow her to develop the well-rounded skillset needed for future success. I do not doubt Jane will thrive in your program with her strong work ethic, collaborative nature, and drive to succeed.  

I therefore highly recommend Jane Doe for admission to McGill University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information about this outstanding candidate.


[Recommender’s Name and Title]

SOP for Undergraduate(UG) in Canada: Requirements, Format, and Guidelines 

Canadian universities typically require a 1-2 page SOP for your Undergraduate (UG) application. The goal is to convey your interest in and fit for the program. 

SOP For Undergraduate Requirements Study in Canada 

– Clearly state your intended major or study field and reasons for choosing it

– Highlight relevant experiences like courses, projects, internships, extracurriculars that you have 

– Demonstrate research into the program and university’s strengths you want to apply to

– Discuss your academic and career goals and how the program can help achieve them

Format For Writing an SOP For Undergraduate Study in Canada

– 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced text

– Include your name and intended program/university at the top 

Guidelines To Follow When Writing an SOP For Undergraduate Study in Canada

– Write in a clear, concise style with strong vocabulary

– Provide specific examples to support your fit and interests 

– Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and flow

– Stay within the 1-2 page limit unless otherwise specified

Sample Letter of Recommendation for MBA in Canada


MBA Admissions Committee

ABC School of Business 

York University

Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Dear Admissions Committee,

I recommend John for admission to XYZ University’s MBA program. As his supervisor for the past three years at a leading financial services firm, I have been impressed by John’s strong performance and leadership potential.

John currently manages a team of analysts and consistently exceeds sales targets. He implemented process improvements that increased client retention rates by 20%. John also mentors junior colleagues and spearheads the company’s diversity initiatives. 

Beyond these, John actively volunteers with Junior Achievement Toronto to inspire youth entrepreneurship. He demonstrates vision, strategic thinking, and passion for business innovation. I believe John will thrive in ABC’s prestigious MBA program and leverage his degree to further his career in financial management.

 I endorse John Smith’s application with my highest recommendation. His dedication, problem-solving abilities,s, and collaborative nature make him well-suited for advanced management studies. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information.


Recommender’s Full Name 


College, City 

Contact No- 

Email ID-

SOP for MBA in Canada: Requirements, Format, and Guidelines 

The MBA programs in Canada usually require a 1-2 page statement of purpose as part of international students’ application. Your SOP should highlight your qualifications and showcase how best you are as a fit for the MBA studies by:

– Stating your relevant work experience, leadership roles, and career goals  

– Demonstrating that you’ve done your research into the specific program and show how it aligns with your interests

– Providing examples of how you add value as a student and future alumni

– As well as following the same formatting guidelines as outlined for undergraduate programs 

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Masters (MS) in Canada


Admissions Committee  

Department of Computer Science

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Dear Admissions Committee,

I strongly support John Doe’s application to the Master of Science in Computer Science program at UBC. I have known John as his academic advisor for the past two years during his undergraduate studies at McGill University.

John has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, graduating at the top of his class with a GPA of 3.9. He completed an independent research project on machine learning under my supervision, which resulted in an award-winning paper published in a top-tier journal. John also volunteers as a teaching assistant, showing great ability to clearly explain complex concepts. 

In addition to his excellent technical skills, John works well independently and as part of the team. He is diligent, thoughtful, and passionate about further advancing his knowledge in his field. John’s career goals of conducting innovative research and teaching at the university level make him an excellent fit for UBC’s MSCS program. 

For these reasons, I highly recommend Johnn. He will succeed in the program and contribute to the university community. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.


[Recommender’s Name] 

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

SOP for Masters in Masters (MS) in Canada: Format, Sample and Guidelines

As always, Your SOP should present you as the best fit for the program you’re applying for. So, when applying for a Master’s program in Canada, your SOP should highlight relevant research experience for this advanced academic study. 

It should Include:

– Your relevant educational background and qualifications for the program

– Specific areas of interest within the field you want to study and why you would like to pursue it  

– Examples of research conducted and how the program allows further exploration for you

– Intended career goals and how the degree contributes to achieving them

– The same formatting as other Canadian SOPs at 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font that has been stated above

Admission in Canada: UG and PG Application Process, Eligibility.

Canadian universities consider international students for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programs. 

UG requires a high school diploma and proof of English proficiency. In contrast, PG requires a 4-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a recognized institution. 

The application process involves online forms, transcriptslanguage test scores, statements of purpose, resumes, letters of recommendation, and other documents. 

Admission can be competitive, as many international students are vying to study in Canada. To aid your application acceptance, it’s important that you follow everything discussed so far in this article. Meeting minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

Be sure to research the schools you are interested in and submit complete applications before the deadlines to get in.

SOP for UG and PG in Canada: Requirements, Format, and Guidelines 

Canadian undergraduate programs typically require a high school diploma with a minimum grade average and proof of English language proficiency. For a master’s, a four-year bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized university with sufficiently high grades is expected. 

Application deadlines are usually 3-6 months before the intended start. Students submit online forms, transcripts, language test scores, SOPs, resumes, LORs, portfolios, etc. Admission is competitive with holistic profile evaluation.

SOP for Law in Canada: Format, Samples & Writing Tips

A law SOP must clearly state your reasons for choosing the program and career. Highlight related experiences like internships, volunteering, or work that you have done in the past. Mention specific areas of law that interest you, like family law, corporate law, etc., and why. Demonstrate strong research about the program and university. Emphasize critical thinking, advocacy, and attention to detail that suit legal studies. Proofread for grammar, punctuation, flow, and word limit compliance.

What can a student avoid in an LOR?

These are common mistakes to avoid in a recommendation letter for studying in Canada;

  • Avoid vague statements, filler, or fluff content that does not specifically highlight your strengths and skills.
  • Refrain from discussing sensitive personal details. 
  • Do not repeat the resume or CV points. 
  • Avoid negative comments, criticisms, or lukewarm endorsements that do not strongly recommend acceptance. 
  • The letter should portray you unequivocally positively to support their application.


With thorough preparation and guidance from recommenders, you can submit top-notch LORs to boost your profile for Canadian higher education opportunities. Following the structural guidelines and samples shared ensures letters effectively emphasise qualifications for the intended program compellingly. 

Reach out if you need any other assistance with the application process. I’m confident that, with these guidelines for writing a recommendation letter for studying in Canada, you can ace your application with an impressive recommendation letter as a Ghanaian student. 

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