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Canadian Scholarships for Ghanaian Students: A Comprehensive Guide8 min read

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Canadian universities offer various scholarship options to their national and international students. 

Canada aims to make education affordable and accessible. With early and good application, you can get into the school of your choice through scholarships.

Now, how do you start with this? Sit tight as I show you the top canadian scholarships for ghanaian students.

Let’s get started.

Canada study Scholarship

Canada Study is one of the most extensive scholarship programs globally. It provides CAD$3000-10,000 yearly, depending on your study location (abroad or in Canada) and your level of study (undergraduate, master’s, PhD). 

Ghanaian students and international students in Canada are eligible. Selection is based on academic merit and the potential cultural impact of the exchange experience.

1. Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

The International Scholarships Programme of Global Affairs Canada includes the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Programme.

Scholarships typically cover four to twelve months of research in Canada; formal enrollment at a Canadian university is not required. The beneficiaries become visiting scholars. Before the end of February 2024, the selected candidates will travel to Canada to start their program.


The awards winners include full-time, permanent teaching or research staff, master’s or doctorate holders, and non-academics in China holding senior professional positions (such as judges, broadcasters, or economists). These programs aim to enable recipients to return home and significantly improve Canadian-Chinese relations and life in China.

2. Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program

Undergraduate and graduate students from Latin American and Caribbean universities can apply for scholarships through the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Programme (ELAP) for short-term research or course-focused exchanges.

About the ELAP Scholarship, Duration, and Value

The value of the scholarship varies with the length of study:

CAD 11,000 for graduate students (master’s and Ph.D.) for five to six months of study or research; CAD 8,200 for college, undergraduate, or graduate students (master’s and Ph.D.) for a minimum of four months or one academic term.

Scholarship Money Ought To Be Applied To:

Fees for a study or work permit, a visa, health insurance, airfare for the scholarship recipient only via the most affordable and direct route, living expenses like housing, utilities, and food, ground transportation, including a public transportation pass, and books and supplies needed for the recipient’s study or research—but not computers or other equipment—are all included.

Finding International scholarships for Canadians

If you are a researcher or student who wish to study and conduct research abroad, look into these international scholarship opportunities:

1. Scholars’ Exchange Programme Canada-China

International Relations Canadians who want to pursue post-secondary academic study, research, Chinese language instruction, or a combination of these activities at participating Chinese institutions can apply for short-term scholarships offered by Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Education.

2. Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Programme

Through short-term teaching and research activities at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels, the Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Programme gives Canadian professors the chance to establish or strengthen partnerships with Latin American and Caribbean institutions.

3. International Government Scholarships – Global Korea Graduate Scholarships

Through the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), the Government of the Republic of Korea offers four scholarships for study or research at the Master’s or PhD level in Korean studies, the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and other fields of study.

4. Academic Scholarships Programme of the Organisation of American States (OAS)

The OAS provides scholarships for graduate-level study or research leading to a degree at a university or other educational institution in an OAS member state, except Canada (the country of nomination).

The Professional Development Scholarship Programme of the Organisation of American States (OAS) provides opportunities for professional growth using short-term courses in specialized training areas. 

Finding International Scholarships for Non-Canadians

1. Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) and Scholarships Canada-ASEAN – for students

Students from member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can study or conduct research in Canadian post-secondary institutions for a short period through the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) program at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

2. Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Programme (CCSEP)

Master’s or Ph.D. graduates, professionals from China, and full-time, permanent teaching or research staff are all eligible to apply for scholarships through the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Programme (CCSEP) to conduct research in Canada.

3. Emerging Leaders in the Americas Programme

Students from post-secondary institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean can study or conduct research abroad for a brief period through the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Programme (ELAP) scholarships in Canadian post-secondary institutions, at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels 

Study in Canada Scholarships

Students from post-secondary institutions in a few selected countries and territories in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa can study or conduct research at college, undergraduate, and graduate levels in Canada through the Study in Canada Scholarships, which offer short-term exchange opportunities.

1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program awards grants to the most outstanding postdoctoral candidates, both domestically and abroad, who will favorably impact the nation’s economic, social, and research-based development.

2. Organization of American States Academic Scholarship Programme

This program offers financial aid to graduate students from member states of the Organisation of American States (OAS) to pursue their studies in Canada.

3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) program supports graduate students in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health who exhibit leadership qualities and a high level of scholarly achievement. The goal is to attract and retain top-tier doctoral students. 

Canadian Government scholarships

1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

To draw top-tier brilliant minds, postgraduates from domestic and foreign universities are awarded Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships. Students will receive CAD 70,000, or INR 4,343,760, for two years.

2. IDRC Research Awards

This scholarship is available to students from developing nations. You transfer a certain amount throughout your study.

3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Programme

Students pursuing master’s degrees in the humanities, sciences, and engineering, among other fields, are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Canadian government. Students awarded the scholarship will receive CAD 50,000 or INR 3,102,690 annually for three years.

4. Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute

Offers fellowships to Indian students pursuing graduate and postgraduate degrees at reputable universities. Students who meet the requirements may enroll in classes or receive part of their coaching at any Canadian university affiliated with SICI online.

5. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme 

Students from Commonwealth countries can apply for multiple grants each year, and this scholarship offers new benefits every year.

6. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme

Students who enroll in public universities in Ontario can receive grants through the Ontario Scholarship. The grants range from CAD 5000 (INR 310,270) to CAD 15,000 (INR 930,810).

Non-governmental Scholarships To Study In Canada

1. Anne Vallée Ecological Fund

Students enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs in animal research at a university in British Columbia or Quebec are eligible to apply for one of two scholarships from the Anne Vallée Ecological Fund (AVEF), which is worth CAD 1,500 or INR 93,080.

2. Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship

Canadian undergraduate or graduate students enrolled can win CAD 2,000 or INR 124,110. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you must submit an essay.

3. Fellowships and Scholarships Trudeau

– Fifteen international scholarships are available to doctorate students.

CAD 20,000 (INR 1,241,070) to CAD 40,000 (INR 2,482,150), including the travel allowance, for three years.

University-Specific Scholarships To Study in Canada

  1. The University of Toronto: The University of Toronto offers the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, worth CAD 10,000 (INR 620,540) to CAD 15,000 (INR 930,810), to students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.
  2. University of Waterloo International Funding: The University of Waterloo offers several scholarships to international students, with annual benefits ranging from CAD 2500 (INR 155,130) to CAD 50,000 (INR 3,102,690).  
  3. University of Calgary International Scholarships: The University of Calgary offers scholarships to students from other countries who want to study in Canada. Awards start at CAD 500 (INR 31,020) and go up to CAD 60,000 (INR 3,723,230).
  4. University of Alberta International Scholarships: Several scholarship opportunities are available to international students who wish to attend the University of Alberta for graduate or postgraduate studies.
  5. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award: The University of British Columbia offers various scholarships to international students, ranging from CAD 1,500 (INR 93,080) to CAD 50,000 (INR 3,102,690).   
  6. Queen’s University International Scholarships: The university offers financial aid to international students, including bank loans and other loans.
  7. McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid:  Students enrolled at McGill University can receive CAD 3000 (INR 186,160) to CAD 12,000 (INR 744,640) annually.
  8. Dalhousie University Scholarships: Students at Dalhousie are awarded merit-based scholarships.
  9. Western University Scholarship: Merit-based scholarships are given to deserving candidates.

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Get Assisted By Our Higher Education Experts

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This service comes at no cost to you. You can also take this opportunity to have all your inquiries and doubts addressed by qualified professionals who will provide detailed information about the courses and the application process. 

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Both domestic and international students can obtain significant funding to pursue excellent but reasonably priced educational opportunities across Canada with careful research and well crafted applications. 

Get advice on increasing your chances of receiving grants and scholarships to fulfill your academic goals.

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